Heathland, Acidic & Peat Soils Grass Seed Mix 

30.0% BORNITO Hard Fescue

25.0% DUMAS Hard Fescue

14.0% QUATTRO Sheeps Fescue

25.0% WAGNER Chewings Fescue

0.5% Wavy Hairgrass

5.5% HIGHLAND Browntop Bent 



Why Buy this product?

  • Heathland grass seed mixture that grows in acidic and peat soils
  • All the grasses in this seed mixture will grow between a pH of 4.5-6 (the majority of ingredients will grown down to a pH of 4)
  • Low nutrient requirement, which save on fertiliser costs or can be left in a natural environment
  • Extremely fine leaved and high shoot density (can be cut short or left longer) 
  • High tolerance to drought, shade and salt too
  • Low maintenenance

Heathland, Acidic & Peat Soils Grass Seed Mix