Why Buy this Product

  • Spring and summer fertiliser that will deliver good all-round performance (10-4-4+3.5fe)
  • Ideal balance of NPK to strengthen turf
  • Encourages better root development and harder growth
  • Also includes Iron that is a rapid green up, hardens turf against diseases and blackens moss
  • Releases nutrients over a 4-6 week period
  • High quality slow release mini-granular fertiliser 
  • Dust free, uniform 1.5-3mm homogeneous mini granules
  • Consistent and dependable performance 
  • Ideal for easy and accurate application
  • Soluble nutrient sources produce quick green-up
  • Apply at 35g/m2 (Covers 714m2)

25kg Thomas Elliot Spring Summer Fertiliser 10-4-4+3.5fe