Grass seed mix that includes an endophyte enhanced Ryegrass that is more tolerant and resistant to Read Thread. No Strong Creeping Red Fescue that is very susceptible to Red Thread. The Strong Creeping Red Fescue is replaced with Slender, which is much more resistant to Red Thread. High quality Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass is used for superior results and superior drought tolerance

anti red thread mix

  • 25% LOUREGA Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass

    20% BARPEARL Slender Creeping Red Fescue

    33% TROPHY Chewings Fescue

    22% RUBICON Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass 


    5kg - Covers up to; 140 m2 (new sowings), 200 m2 (oversowings)
    10kg - Covers up to; 280 m2 (new sowings), 400 m2 (oversowings)
    20kg - Covers up to; 560 m2 (new sowings), 800 m2 (oversowings)